Why L.E.A.N Start?



Did you know that many ingredients in the food our kids eat can damage their brain cells?

Are you aware that a significant number of foods marketed as ‘healthy’ have negative effects on a child?

L.E.A.N Start helps you understand nutrition and provides sustainable solutions that are easy to implement for the well being of your family

What is L.E.A.N Start?



L.E.A.N Start program is based on the four pillars of wellness - Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude and Nutrition. These four areas work together to make families healthier.

LEAN Start provides:

An interactive and fun approach to understanding wellness with innovative activities

Practical and sustainable solutions for the whole family

Participants will learn:

Which foods are best for growing kids

How to read nutrition labels

How to identify good vs bad fat

How to support brain health with better nutrition choices

How to boost your immune system with whole foods

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This is a six-week program. Each session is an hour long . Call or email to book your session now.

ph. - (516) 857-1093

Email: ramya@naturallyyouwellness.com